Human Resource
Talent Development System
  • Talent Cultivation and Training System

    New employee/in-service employee training, leader training, technical expert training, reserve personnel training

  • Performance management system

    Probation assessment on-the-job assessment cadre inspection period assessment

  • Staff promotion Career development

    Dual-channel promotion of management and technology

  • Talent incentive salary system

    Combination of short-term and long-term incentives  Person-post matched salary   Annual salary adjustment

Panacro offers a wide range of development opportunities for each and every employee. The company has a clear talent development channel, an inspiring talent incentive mechanism, and a variety of talent cultivating programs to help the employees grow and develop rapidly.

Panacro’s Talent Philosophy
  • 1 Purpose


  • 2 channels

    Management leader promotion channel

    Technical expert promotion channel


    Select talents based on ability

    Establish talents based on morality

    Retain talents based on platform

Talent Cultivation

Developing a business-oriented talent development system based on the strategic needs of talent and the results of talent review. Customizing learning programs, covering from interns to top level of the company; establishing an information platform to share and co-create knowledge achievements and achieve win-win between employees and the company, and guiding all the employees to improve themselves independently and interactively in a planned manner

  • Culture

    Adhering to learning and innovation; and building a learning organization

  • Mechanism

    Self-learning and self-growth channels for employees

  • Method

    On-line learning + off-line training

Four modes: All-staff learning, active learning, interactive learning, and innovative learning