Our Advantages
Cutting Edge Services
  • 01
    Scientific Advisory Board

    An outstanding Scientific Advisory Board consisting of key opinion leaders and experts such as Academician Ding Jian provides advice, professional, and technical guidance

  • 02
    Mock FDA Meetings

    Conducting  US FDA and CDE/NMPA  mock meeting to assist sponsors for their regulatory submissions to increase the probability of success in regulatory approval.

  • 03
    FDA Registration Documents Review

    Application in both China and US: Reviewing FDA registration documents to improve the regulatory approval rate

  • 04
    IDMC Service

    The independent Data Safety Monitoring Committee periodically monitors the progress, safety data and efficacy endpoints of clinical trials, and recommends to the sponsor whether to continue, adjust or terminate the trials.

  • 05
    Innovative Thinking Of Drug Development

    The use of adaptive design methods and RWD/RWE in drug development will assist the sponsor in clinical development in a more efficient way for obtaining regulatory approval

  • 06
    In-licensing Product Assessment

    Assist the sponsor in conducting accurate and reliable professional assessment of the in-licensing product for future product development

Cutting-Edge Service

On July 1, 2021, Panacro hired a professor in the Department of Biostatistics and Bioinformatics at Duke University School of Medicine as the Chief Consulting Scientist, who is responsible for the Top-Level Design of clinical studies Multi-regional Clinical Trial, international registration and global strategic layout of The U.S. subsidiary of Panacro.

At the beginning of 2022, Panacro Global InnovaSolution was established in the United States to develop overseas business and start the process of internationalization. Panacro Global InnovaSolution Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd. undertakes the application of new drug early clinical trials and innovative drug listing projects of multinational pharmaceutical companies in China, and also provides professional consulting, Chinese and American double reports and services for overseas clinical trials and registration of domestic innovative pharmaceutical companies.