Collaboration with Sponsor 丨 Bebetter Med HDAC/PI3K Dual-target Inhibitor BEBT-908 Proposed for Inclusion in Breakthrough Therapy List

On September 29, 2021, according to the CDE website, Bebetter Med' HDAC/PI3K dual-target inhibitor BEBT-908 is proposed for inclusion in the breakthrough therapy list for the third-line treatment of relapsed or refractory diffuse large B-cell lymphoma (r/r DLBCL).

BEBT-908 is Bebetter Med's first HDAC/PI3K dual target inhibitor proposed for inclusion in the breakthrough therapy list Panacro, entrusted by Bebetter Med, has engaged in CRO services such as medical R&D strategy development, medical monitoring, data management and statistical analysis since September 25, 201

The technical team of Panacro responded quickly and solve the problems encountered in the clinical trials in a professional and efficient manner. In the NDA of breakthrough therapy, the medical division, data division and statistical division worked together to achieve a good presentation of the Phase IIa statistical analysis report and clinical study report in a short period of time, which was highly recognized by the sponsor and CDE.

"Currently, five clinical studies have been initiated with BEBT-908, among which, Phase II clinical studies targeting a variety of hematologic tumors such as follicular lymphoma, chronic lymphocytic leukemia/small lymphocytic lymphoma, Walden's macroglobulinemia, marginal zone lymphoma, and peripheral T-cell lymphoma have been initiated, and solid tumor indications are also under clinical exploration, and Panacro is honored to participate,”said Du Xiaojian, Chief Medical Officer of Panacro.

In the future, Panacro, by leveraging its professional technical ability and quality service, will make persistent efforts to promote local innovative drugs to benefit the majority of patients as soon as possible!”